Application Security Testing

Synack Crowd Sourced Web Application Testing services

For organizations with the need for performing Web Application Security Testing activities without the necessary resources iSOC24 offers the Synack services. The combination of a professional team consisting of worldwide presence of security specialists and the central management including using the Synack Red Team capacity offer a complete and highly skilled way of performing web application scans without using company resources.

The majority of successful organizational breaches (90%) and incidents (50%) happen on the web application layer. To protect against these attacks over time, enterprise application security testing must be integrated into the software development lifecycle (SLDC). Synack’s on-demand SaaS platform for crowdsourced security expertise allows for activation of a team of elite researchers to test web and mobile applications for damaging vulnerabilities and weaknesses on a continuous or point-in-time basis. The team utilizes standards like the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) and checks for potentially-serious vulnerabilities in applications like remote code execution, SQL injection, cross site scripting (XSS), and more.

As your applications grow, so too does the scope of your security needs and the pace at which you must test. To efficiently address your applications’ security needs in the development cycle, as well as to keep pace with the release of new code, your security team needs to be able to integrate findings into the development process and provide actionable feedback to developers.

Synack’s crowdsourced application testing services provide prioritized, actionable feedback on found vulnerabilities that enables immediate remediation. Synack provides an adversarial perspective on a continuous or point-in-time cadence that aligns to your development cycles. Synack scales up testing and deployment on demand to meet your DevSecOps needs. With the crowdsourced Web Application/Pentesting solution, the pool of researchers will provide customers with an order of magnitude more perspectives, approaches, and overall eyes.

If you would like to learn more about the Synack propositions and how these can best fit in your situation please contact one of the specialists of iSOC24.

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