About iSOC24

iSOC24 was founded in 2012 by a team of information security veterans with a proven track record. The headquarters is based in The Netherlands and the company is privately held. All shares are in possession of the executive directors.

iSOC24 delivers solutions that enable organizations to get and stay - in control - of their security posture and to check if compliance requirements are met. The collection of carefully selected point solutions help organizations to address the risks for their specific environment and to mitigate these risks in real time.

The solutions in our portfolio work excellent on their own and when they are combined an even more powerful ecosystem is created. By this enrichment in which output of one solution can be used as input for the other solution the risks can be mitigated more effectively.

By entering into a strategic partnership with carefully selected suppliers and partners iSOC24 is able to constantly provide companies with the best possible security toolset.

The ability of organizations to continuously ensure the security of their data and to optimally support their business processes is more and more becoming a critical factor of success. Organizations need to innovate and constantly adopt to the changing threats they are facing every day without increasing their risk.

The goal of iSOC24 is to relieve and support organizations in making the right choices for solutions to map and monitor their risks in real time. This enables organizations to handle incidents adequately and to determine even better which measures they need to take to reduce further damage to their environment.

Typical iSOC24 customers are banking and finance, insurance, government, retail and business services companies.

iSOC24 supports an open and collaborative culture. Teamwork is at the heart in everything we do. But of course we also love to have fun.

Join us if you want to be part of a company that puts the personnel, customer and future perspective first.