Application Security Testing

Rapid7 InsightAppSec

InsightAppSec is part of Rapid7's security suite, providing Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) for mature and maturing Application Security professionals. InsightAppSec provides comprehensive dynamic application security testing that continuously analyzes web applications for security vulnerabilities.

The key features include: a universal translator to enable IT security professionals to analyze complex applications; customized attack simulation capabilities that allow automatic testing of workflows such as shopping carts; scanning automation; attack replay, which allows replay of vulnerabilities in real time in order to verify that vulnerabilities are exploitable and that successful remediation has occurred; continuous site monitoring, which detects changes in application ecosystems and triggers a re-scan according to configurable settings; and integration with ticketing systems.

InsightAppSec enables integration with protection technologies to automatically generate web application firewalls (WAFs), which are custom rules that help to protect vulnerable applications while the vulnerabilities are being remediated.

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