Cyber Deception & Counterintelligence

Full spectrum cyber deception and ground breaking threat hunting and counterintelligence to detect, investigate and control targeted attacks. The solution combines powerful deception automation with controlled synthetic environments to allow attackers to penetrate organizations without causing real damage.

Counter Craft

Counter Craft

CounterCraft detects targeted attacks, discovers what attackers actually want and brings the attackers under control.

  • Gain cost-effective proactive defense for the entire organization
  • Improve early threat detection of complex and targeted attacks and the response to them
  • Discover the TTP’s used by the real attackers of your network
  • Increase the efficiency of your cyber security- and threat hunting team

Organizations nowadays must assume that they are already breached and already have attackers in their networks. Once in, after having conducted reconnaissance, the hackers steadily move towards the valuable assets of the organization. Undetected they can operate as long as necessary to achieve their goal.

Proactive deception and counterintelligence enables organizations to deploy authentic –but fake- assets across their networks in a synthetic environment.

CounterCraft creates a highly credible environment that mimics the organization’s existing network, systems and naming conventions so adversaries and malicious insiders cannot tell the difference between real and false data anymore. In case the attackers engage with false information, fake systems and decoy identities, they trigger immediate, genuine alerts. In this case there are no false positives in the findings.

While the alert is generated, valuable forensic data is collected, that is analyzed in real time. This enables the security- and threat hunting teams to observe, analyze and stop attackers before they can reach the sensitive data.

The CounterCraft deception & counterintelligence solution offers the following:

  • Cost-effective proactive defense
  • Protection from external and insider threats
  • Highly-credible synthetic scenarios and full-spectrum of digital assets
  • Full MITRE Matrix integration
  • Real-time monitoring, analysis and alerting without false positives
  • Forensic data and personalized threat intelligence
  • Control over response
  • Easy and direct integration

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