Insider Threat

DTEX Systems helps hundreds of organizations worldwide to better understand their workforce, protect their data and make human-centric operational investments.

Its Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform collects human telemetry to deliver next-gen UEBA, endpoint DLP, digital forensics, employee monitoring and insider threat management in one scalable, cloud-native platform. Through its patented and privacy-compliant meta-data collection and analytics engine, the DTEX platform surfaces abnormal behavioral “indicators of intent” to mitigate risk of data and IP loss and make smarter business decisions quickly.



The leading experts in workforce cyber intelligence.

  • Enrich the SOC with Human Telemetry
  • Identify Malicious Insiders
  • Protect Compromised Employees
  • Prevent Data Exfiltration
  • Identify Teachable Moments
  • Eliminate Fales Positives
  • Reduce Analyst Fatigue
  • Improve Endpoint Performance
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance

DTEX offers the world’s first and only Workforce Cyber Intelligence Platform™. It captures hundreds of elements of behavioral telemetry to produce dynamic “Indicators of Intent” and deliver holistic, real-time awareness about your workforce’s activities – without invading personal privacy.

DTEX empowers you to easily see, understand and act on contextual intelligence using scoring frameworks proven to stop insider threats, prevent data loss, maximize software investments and protect your workforce, wherever they may be.

DTEX’s next-generation insider threat platform provides the missing piece of the puzzle: a high-fidelity signal into user behavior, directly from the endpoint. With DTEX, you can empower your data and insights that they can’t get anywhere else:

  • A high-fidelity audit trail into user behavior. DTEX combines endpoint visibility with machine learning and behavioral patterns in a unique approach that provides unmatched visibility and context into user behavior.
  • Close the blind spot. Organizations integrate DTEX with solutions that include UBA, DLP, and SIEM tools to fill the user behavior visibility gaps and build a multi-layered defense.
  • Privacy conscious visibility. DTEX offers the ability to put privacy first. DTEX offers knowledge without jeopardizing privacy by using lightweight behavioral metadata and offering patented anonymization features.

In today’s ‘new normal’ work environment, thwarting Insider threats is harder than ever. First-generation solutions that rely on “person of interest” identification, require time-consuming, full-time analyst interactions that generate too many false positives and degrade endpoint performance. They do nothing to understand history, trends, and context. It’s time for a new approach.

Insider threats take many different forms in enterprise organizations, making them difficult to detect, investigate and mitigate. A modern Insider Threat (InT) platform must provide an integrated solution which replaces legacy point solutions. A Next-Gen Insider Threat platform replaces the following legacy point solutions:

  • User Activity Monitoring (UAM)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Internal Fraud & Forensics Tools
  • User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

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