Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a continuous cybersecurity process that includes identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting software and network vulnerabilities. Properly monitoring and responding to pressing, complex issues are essential components of vulnerability management and information security as a whole.

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Software and network vulnerabilities are constantly at risk of being exploited by attackers with intentions to insert destructive malware, compromise system infrastructure, and steal sensitive user data. Furthermore, these malicious actors leverage both tried-and-true and constantly evolving methods for breaking through your perimeter.

Modern network technologies like cloud computing and containers have created an unprecedented spike in productivity. The growing adoption of IaaS and virtualization, compounded by our growing reliance on fast and quick-built applications, creates unique security challenges; it’s becoming increasingly difficult for security teams to know what is on their network, let alone defend it from attack.

Security teams must work closely with their IT and application development counterparts to understand the risk of these changing environments at every layer, and look at application, network, and user risk together rather than in silos.

For a vulnerability management program to be truly effective, there are four key "pillars" that must be established:

  • Visibility of your complete IT environment;
    Effective vulnerability management starts with knowing what’s out there - this includes your local, remote, cloud, containerized, and virtual infrastructure. To ensure you’re not missing a single corner of your perimeter, it’s important that your vulnerability management solution dynamically identifies and assesses assets as soon as they join your network, and identifies all of your externally-facing, internet-connected assets for a complete view of your risk.
  • Extensibility and technology integration;
    Your Vulnerability Risk Management solution must enable integration, orchestration, and automation of the tools and processes across your stack.
  • Reporting on the progress that matters most;
    Tracking the goals and metrics most relevant and impactful to your team is critical; so is communicating those milestones to peers and leadership.
  • Risk prioritization unique to your business;
    Identify and prioritize risk with complete coverage of your environment and the addition of business criticality to assets.

iSOC24 carries the Rapid7 solution for vulnerability management in its portfolio. This solution can be implemented either in the cloud or in an on premises environment.

Rapid7’s vulnerability management solution, InsightVM, is built to anticipate shifts in the way modern IT environments should be secured. In turn, InsightVM equips you to gain clarity into your risk, extend security’s influence across the organization, and see shared progress with other technical teams. Securing your infrastructure is a start, securing your entire attack surface is the main event.

InsightVM focuses on making your data actionable; in addition to CVSS, the Real Risk score looks at exploitability, malware exposure, and vulnerability age to give you a risk score of 1-1000 - the most granular in the industry - ensuring that you’re fixing the vulnerabilities attackers are most likely to exploit. This applies to all of the types of assets you’re concerned with, from servers to cloud-based assets to containers.

Additionally, InsightVM helps you get the right information to the right people. You can easily create dynamic filters that categorize your systems and assets by owner and responsibility, ensuring that every member of your team gets reports focused on the systems they’re responsible for. The customizable reporting and dynamic Live Dashboards make it easy for you and management to measure how vulnerability assessment is reducing your risk over time, and where your weakest links are.

Need some reinforcements for your vulnerability assessment program? Rapid7 provides also Managed Vulnerability Management. Rapid7’s provides also on-premise vulnerability management solution, Nexpose.

For more information about Vulnerability Management, call our security consultants at +31 (0) 345 506 105, send an email to or fill out our contact form via button below.