Auditing & Compliance

Avoid huge fines for noncompliance and the frustration of repeated audits by implementing data security controls across your IT infrastructure and regularly checking whether they work as expected. Use hard evidence to demonstrate your compliance with a wide range of regulatory standards and answer ad hoc questions from auditors — all with less stress and expense.

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  • Pass audits on your first attempt uphold the rights of data subjects:
    Get auditors off your back by proving that all the required controls are in place, and avoid the fatigue of repeated audit checks.
  • Slash preparation time for audits by up to 85%:
    Slash preparation time for audits and reclaim your evenings and weekends using out-of-the-box reports aligned to specific compliance requirements.
  • Address auditors’ questions faster:
    Quickly find answers to ad hoc questions from auditors without the stress of digging through cryptic logs. For example, see how access rights to a folder with regulated data were modified during the past year.
  • Pinpoint the location of regulated information:
    Demonstrate to auditors that you know exactly where regulated data resides and that you maintain risk-appropriate access controls around it.
  • Automatically remediate overexposure of sensitive data:
    Protect sensitive data by automatically moving files to a safe location, redacting sensitive information from them, and removing permissions from global access groups like everyone.
  • Uphold the rights of data subjects:
    Identify all documents that contain the personal data of any individual who asks you to erase, rectify or transfer their private information, as required by compliance standards like the GDPR.

iSOC24 carries Netwrix Auditor in its portfolio. Why Netwrix?

  • Fast time to value:
    The Netwrix Auditor solution delivers value out of the box so you can start getting return on your investment in days, not months.
  • Accurate data classification:
    Returns accurate data classification results, so you know with certainty where your regulated data is located and you can focus your time and effort on protecting it.
  • Broad and deep coverage of IT systems:
    Helps you prove that security controls across all your data storages and backbone systems are aligned with compliance requirements without the need to switch between multiple separate tools.

More and more organizations, regardless of size or industry, are recognizing the value of conducting regular internal and external IT audits. The benefits are many: IT auditing can help you improve security, pass compliance audits and optimize IT operations. But all too often, the process is far more cumbersome and time-consuming than it needs to be.

Learn how Netwrix Auditor can ease your auditing burden and help you achieve your goals with far less effort. Contact one of our specialists to learn more about how the Netwrix Auditor Solution can be of value to your organization.

For more information about Auditing & Compliance, call our security consultants at +31 (0) 345 506 105 or send an email to