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RAM Infotechnology

How Logpoint helps RAM Infotechnology achieve super-compliance in healthcare IT services

Logpoint enables RAM Infotechnology to stay compliant with an impressive array of industry standards, while at the same time boosting cybersecurity and opening a new revenue stream providing managed SIEM services to end-customers.

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How Logpoint is helping Scildon improve cybersecurity while saving administrators’ resources

Logpoint provides a flexible and efficient solution for security analytics at Dutch life- and pension provider Scildon. Implementing Logpoint provided Scildon upwards of 75% in savings on valuable administrators’ resources.

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The importance of Prioritizing Cyber Threats!

The importance of Prioritizing Cyber Threats!

A lot of organizations are constantly struggling with the fact that the threat...


Can’t change Cybersecurity Game?

Can’t change the Cybersecurity Game? Change Its Structure

Within companies, cybersecurity has a finite setup; with procedures, protocols, plans and...


The value of hackers’ mistakes

The real value of hackers’ mistakes and how to use these to your advantage

Setting up and maintaining the right security measures is a hard task and in many cases...


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How to choose a deception vendor

When shopping around for cybersecurity vendors, it can be hard to distinguish and determine which vendor is right for your organization. This is especially true with deception, a sector that is still...

Netwrix reduces the time to detect and investigate incidents involving sensitive data

Netwrix announced the release of Netwrix Auditor X. An important milestone in the product’s fifteen-year history, the new version is dedicated to helping organizations around the world become safer...

Improving collaboration during investigation with Logpoint 6.10

Logpoint 6.10 makes it easier for analysts to collaborate on and share the latest security information while providing more details during investigation.

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