Security Orchestration Automation & Response

Swimlane is at the forefront of the security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution market. By automating time-intensive, manual processes and operational workflows and delivering powerful, consolidated analytics, real-time dashboards and reporting from across your security infrastructure, Swimlane maximizes the incident response capabilities of over-burdened and understaffed security operations.

Swimlane was founded to deliver scalable, innovative and flexible security solutions to organizations struggling with alert fatigue, vendor proliferation and chronic staffing shortages. Swimlane is at the forefront of the growing market for security automation and orchestration solutions that automate and organize security processes in repeatable ways to get the most out of available resources and accelerate incident response. The Swimlane solution offers a broad array of features aimed at helping organizations address both simple and complex security activities, from prioritizing alerts to remediating threats and improving performance across the entire operation.



Automates repetitive security processes enabling the security teams to focus on their core tasks.

  • Maximise the ROI of current tools' investments including public cloud, and help better operationalise or productise IT investments;
  • Cyber Digital Transformation is being seen as essential to Enterprise Transformation Programs;
  • Security teams need more and more customisation in their automation and automation is being “democratised” in large scale operations.

Swimlane’s security automation, orchestration and response (SOAR) platform - with fully integrated, dynamic case management and automated workflows - standardizes and accelerates incident response processes to improve consistency, decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR) and lower operating costs.

Swimlane drag-and-drop workflow design and personalized dashboards and key measures

Drag-and-drop workflow design. Personalized dashboards and key measures

Request a live demo with one of our platform experts today. You’ll learn how Swimlane can help your organization in:

Reducing the alert volume by 95%;
Your teams are overwhelmed, enable them to get more done, with more consistency, with more maturity, by creating a force multiplier through automation.

Seamlessly integrating your security stack with over 2000 integration actions;
Your security tools work better together, integrate both on-premise and cloud tools to enable coordinated real-time visibility and response across your entire stack.

Accelerating your threat response by 90%;
Speed kills and every second an attacker has in your environment is more risk to your organization, accelerate your response to machine speed and reduce your Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

Reaching 20X+ improvement on security data & intelligence actionability;br /> Security operations are all about data, and you have a lot of it, now use automation to make it actionable in high volumes and early in the attack cycle.

Gaining deep visibility into threats;
Security is a spider web of information and its interrelation, use an integration fabric to bring all that information together with context both from inside and outside your environment.

Adding a virtual analyst – take millions of actions on your behalf;
Security Operations happens every second of every day, you need a system, not just people watching and responding to the ever to every security threat in real-time.

Getting more deeply integrated faster across your 40+ technologies;
Integration at both the technology level and at the human level by breaking down silos of communication and technology by integrating IT, Legal, Privacy, HR, and the entire business with security.

Collaborating more broadly;
Improve communications by not only bringing security teams into the loop but the whole organization. Security is a team sport and you need everyone on the field.

Reaching 50X reduction in time and effort to complete audit data requests;
Audit and compliance are all about evidence and historical tracking, leverage a system that keeps a searchable and reportable record of decisions, evidence, and work that has been done.

Reducing the amount of time to produce reports by 96%;
Reporting to leadership is always time-consuming and a messy amalgamation of data, spreadsheets, and copy/paste, use a centralized, self-service portal to easily generate accurate dashboards, reports, and presentations.

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