Improving collaboration during investigation with Logpoint 6.10

Logpoint 6.10 makes it easier for analysts to collaborate on and share the latest security information while providing more details during investigation.

Share security analytics and dashboards

Role-based access to dashboards helps teams effectively manage and update each other on evolving threats, increasing efficiency in the SOC and decreasing false positives. Configurable role-based, read-write access to each dashboard means that whenever an analyst makes an update, all users with access to the dashboard see the changes.

See more context on attack developments

Logpoint supports the latest MITRE ATT&CK framework, including pre-attack, sub-techniques and additional entity information to help analysts perform faster and more thorough investigations. Analysts can also see a list of all users and entities who are contributing to the ATT&CK techniques. Analysts can drill down and see the associated logs, providing more information during the investigation process.

Have more efficient alert investigation with service providers

Logpoint integrates with third-party detection and response systems to send notifications to managed detection and response (MDR) service providers. Now analysts can choose which notifications to send automatically and manually for further investigation. When analysts control notifications, they don’t need to send every incident to MDRs, saving money and helping providers optimize their time.

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