iSOC24 achieves ISO 14001 certification!

We are proud to announce that iSOC24 has obtained the ISO 14001 certificate.

The ISO 14001 standard is one of the standards within the ISO 14000 series and is used worldwide to set up and certify environmental management systems in businesses. Companies that use an environmental management system pay structural attention to the environment throughout their entire business operations. The environmental management system focuses on controlling and improving various environmental performance measures.

By obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate, which applies to providing solutions for the purpose of information security, iSOC24 has achieved one of its objectives in the field of further improvement of its overall quality. In addition, we feel socially responsible to be able to make a valuable contribution in the context of our environment in the right way.

What does this mean for iSOC24 customers?
The ISO 14001 certificate shows that iSOC24 is committed to the environment and is continuously committed to applying an environmental policy throughout the organization and to periodically check and further ensure the implementation of the taken measures. In addition, we are also continuously encouraging our customers and suppliers to implement sustainable initiatives and to further improve their performance that focuses on the environment to achieve a healthier living- and working climate for everyone.

The next step in the improvement program is the realization of the ISO 27001 certification, which focuses entirely on the topic of information security. Our goal is to achieve this certification by mid-2020.

The obtained certification fits in well with the overall strategic quality improvement program iSOC24 has planned for the coming years.